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CD Mastering Services

With Arthur Winer mastering, you'll get:

  • Your music mastered to your specifications
  • Enhanced clarity, depth, brilliance, and warmth
  • Increased relative loudness so your music can compete with other professionally mastered CDs
  • Improved stereo imaging of your mixes
  • The radio-ready sound your music needs to stand out
  • Premasters that are compliant with the industry standards necessary for successful CD duplication
  • MP3 encoding from your premaster at no additional charge
  • State-of-the-art, professional mastering at starving-artist prices

Need more information? Learn all about the mastering process, find out how to shape up your mixes before getting them mastered, and get information on Canaveral Skies Music's pricing structure. Or call (626) 796-6992 for more information.

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